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API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to integrate Bulk SMS services into your own application for better control and functionality required by you.
HTTP API: Its is used to send single/Multiple SMS from your application. It's just a simple URL which you should call from your Application to send SMS instantly.

Our Bulk SMS Service is suitable for Business Applications, Softwares and Website. The SMS Gateway API(HTTP/XML) Tool allows you to automate the sending and receiving of SMS messages by integrating our SMS services directly with your business applications, websites or other software.

Our SMS Gateway API features

  1. 1.Straight forward, hassle free integration
  2. 2.All major development environments supported including ASP,PHP, C# etc.
  3. 3.Send SMS via HTTP POST, SMPP service
  4. 4.Free sample code, hints & tips
  5. 5.Free HTTP API and technical support
  6. 6.XML API
  7. 7.Unicode SMS API.
  8. 8.Schedule SMS API.
  9. 9.Unicode SMS API.
  10. 10.Check Delivery API.

For SMS Gateway API Coimbatore, Contact 09677775754

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